Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Imagine if the universe had a personality...what if the universe, as big and infinite as it is, could think and talk? What if it had eyes and those eyes had life in them?
[ I'm not on drugs, bear with me :) ]

Think about the largest animals on earth...think about the devastating, unforgiving natural disasters on earth. What if you tried to control that stuff? Think you could? Think you can make a hurricane bow down to you? 

How unforgiving, massive, and devastating is the universe, then? What if it had a vendetta or a chip on its shoulder and it was out to get us? And what if it was your job to stand up to the universe and tell it chill out?

I don't care how strong you are, go stand in front of a tornado and tell it to bow down! Good luck...tornado don't care! 

No matter how great my "kingdom" is here on earth, the sea will never submit to me (Luke 8:25). 

Never in my lifetime, will the universe bow down to me. 

Not only does Jesus control the universe and hold it together (as if that's not enough!), the universe bows to him!

Y'all, here is hope: 
This same Jesus is the one that breathed life into your individual personality.
The same Jesus that created love and laughter and cool breezes...he same Jesus that offers life in the midst of a chaotic world (John 10:10). The same Jesus that chose to give us every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3-4)...I don't even know the extent of what that means but it gives me hope! 

Seriously, when life gets chaotic, where else am I gonna go? What else is gonna hold me together and stand me up? Even the seas and storms bow down to Jesus. This I can rest in! 

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  1. You are mighty mighty deep my friend Jeffery...................... Me Likey !!!!!